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ATs Care has developed district and state CISM teams throughout the country that are readily available to respond to the needs of AT colleagues, students and staff after a critical incident. These team members are certified ATs specifically trained in critical incident stress management techniques who understand not only the issues you face during a critical incident, but also the reality that ATs continue to provide care and coverage to a team following the event. ATs will be able to provide you and your staff the support you need to navigate through a critical incident.

If you or someone you know responds to an emergency or experiences a traumatic event, please contact ATs Care. Critical incidents can cause stress that can lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). While it is normal to have an emotional reaction, most of us will need assistance processing these new emotions. Our teams have been trained to help you deal with these challenging situations.

  • If you have questions or would like more information about becoming a peer support provider, contact Katie Scott.
  • View the members of the ATs Care Committee.
  • If you would prefer to call the ATs Care Hotline, please dial 972-532-8821.
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